Dragons…to save the day

That was a disastrous night. It was like the worst dream that came true. There were typhoons and floods all over the place.Floods washed away people and animals,whereas typhoons took away their houses. Families were scattered and the cries of people echoed the atmosphere. In no time the living things would turn into mortal remains […]

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The Crystal Star🌠

Just woke up from a good sleep…pandiculated…rubbed my eyes and gave a sigh of relief. That lasted just for few seconds. Because i just woke up in a dream… The floor of grass.. Bed of leaves n flowers… At river side. Curious about where i was… I took a walk to explore the place. A […]

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And her skin cracked

They told her “you are not pretty” She scratched her face with her nails And the skin cracked. They said “your voice is so irritating” She scratched her neck with her nails, And the skin cracked They said “you don’t have attractive breast” She scratched her chest with her nails, And the skin cracked They […]

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What if…..?

Have you ever thought of how different your life would have been if you wouldn’t have taken some silly decisions. Made a list of all the things that I regret . One by one started thinking ‘what if I did this instead of that’. And as I was imagining the situation the ‘what if ?’ […]

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Pain? No. Its just love❤

Lying on my bed thinking about where life is leading me. I got stuck in a place that was so obvious of me to ignore. Late night thoughts i tell you….they can kill you….they can make you cry…they can make you laugh at silly things. The night plays all its tricks and we act as […]

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